Incredible Hulk 1.0 Review-TCS

Since The Incredible Hulk is now getting retracked and redone, I wanted to post my experience on it last summer. I thought that the ride was awesome! Since lines were shorter, I got on three times throughout the day. Here is my review and the photos I took!

I personally think that the ride does not need to be refurbished. It has a small rattle in places, but nothing to spend millions of dollars fixing. There was only one spot of headbanging, and it didn't detract much from the ride.

The launch is one of my favorite parts of the ride. Its fun no matter where you are sitting in the car. The zero-g roll is perfectly paced and forceful, and the cobra roll pulls some enjoyable Gs. No matter how the ride is running, these three elements are fun and forceful.

Even though I don't think The Incredible Hulk needs a refurb, I think it will do much good to an already amazing coaster! What are your thoughts on The Incredible Hulk? Tell us below!

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