Exclusive Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Q&A

At AmusementVerse.com we are lucky to have multiple connections with different parks. We were recently able to score an exclusive interview with Nancy Chan at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Here are the answers to these widely asked questions.

Question: Will we be seeing the return of the tunnel on Roar? If so, where would it be going?


SFDK: Yes, there will be a new tunnel, but we are still awaiting details.



Question: Will The Joker's station get a new paint job to match the colors?


SFDK: Yes, it will have new colors, but not what you think!



Question: Will The Joker run two trains?


SFDK: Yes.



Question: Will a new sign be built for The Joker?


SFDK: Yes.



Question: Will there be paid lockers for The Joker?


SFDK: Most likely, [but it is] still to be determined.

Question: Will The Joker have a Single Rider line?





Question: What will the height limit on The Joker be? 


SFDK: 48"



Question: Will the 4D Theater only play the Pacific Rim  film, or will you switch shows eventually?


SFDK: [There is a] possibility of different shows. If you notice our park map, we list the theater as the Iwerks Theater rather than Pacific Rim 5-D.



Question: Are there any plans to return the holding brake on V2 to operation?





Question: Will there be any theming in the area surrounding the coaster, I.E. near Superman, V2, etc.?


SFDK: Yes.



Question: When do you think The Joker will start testing? Opening?


SFDK: We are not releasing this information yet.

I would like to thank Nancy Chan, the communications manager at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, for giving us the ability to have this exclusive interview. If you are reading this, thanks Nancy!