The Joker Construction Tour

On April 22 I, rollercoasterpics004, went to The Joker's Hardhat tour. As well as meeting lots of new people and taking some great photos, we were also treated with a costumed character and a behind-the-scenes look at the Iwerks Theater. Read more here!

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot we were greeted by this beautiful skyline. A few other cars were trailing in behind us, all for the tour since the park didn't open for another hour. A quick decision was made to trek to the back of the parking lot to see what track remained.

Four pieces of track remained in the parking lot, two green and two purple. You were able to walk right up to the track, there was no security or fencing whatsoever. We think this is part of the turnaround where Roar's cameras used to be.

The curvature of the track is mesmerizing! We think this is either the enterance to or the transition out of the zero-g roll.

Walking back past our car and towards the front of the park, Superman was looking pretty, but not testing just yet due to some drizzling from the night before.

Medusa really does dominate the front of the park, leading to many people running to it first. Sadly, theĀ  30 min lines from the school groups made it not worth our while.

"Invited Media" makes us sound a lot more important and renowned than we really are ;D. Anyway, this was the sign inviting us through the gate to the construction area.

The first thng you see upon passing through the gate is this massive crane working on the backside of the Step-Up Under Flip, adding extra bracing and such.

In the other direction is the final airtime hill into the brake run and a couple of containers for storing parts. Sorry, whoever that may be in my shot!

Looking away from the open gate, Medusa and SkyScreamer both stand tall at their height of 150 feet, the park's low height limit.

Later, just as the construction tour was starting, Superman started running its morning tests. Pre-Joker, this is my favorite ride at the park!

We began our route around the coaster after a small talk. Ducking under a piece of track, we walked to a large open area in the center, but not before I could get a picture of more beautiful Joker banking.

Looking up, the Zero-G Stall, Asian Camelback, and soon the zero-g roll loomed over us.

A cool shot with some ninety-degree banking in the foreground and the lift and zero-g stall in the back.

You can only imagine the sheer speed The Joker will zip through these turns at. It kind of reminds me of Dominator's style of elements spaced out by overbanks.

Now heading over to the drop and Step-Up Under Flip, we were able to lean on the track as well as take some cool pictures.

This shot was taken looking towards the front of the park on the transition out of the Step-Up Under Flip.

This beautiful turnaround leads right into the Asian Camelback. RMC shaping never disappoints!

Coming out of the Breaking Wave Turn you hit this beautifully shaped mess of track in the center of the ride. There is sure to be some great headchoppers here! Behind me in this shot is the turnaround pictured before.

If you can guess what these serial codes mean, put them in the comments. I'll tell you if they're right!

More sweet, sweet Step-Up Under Flip. This ride is one of the most photogenic I've seen!

This is looking towards the drop. V2, pictured in the background, was down for maintenence today :(

This ride looks amazing from ANY angle. Go to the park and you'll see!

Many airtimes will be had here. Also, good thing they have a fire extinguisher nearby!

Once completed, FOUR tracks will all crossover right here. It looks chaotic enough (in a good way) already, I can't wait until it's finished!

More fresh wood being put in place.

Here's that airtime and headchopper hill from the other side.

A small interview with an RMC employee was had.

This beast of a motor carries the train to the top of the lift hill.

The chain return even looks good on this coaster!

The Breaking Wave Turn is a great compliment to V2's back spike. Now if only they would get that holding brake working...

More beautiful RMC track shaping on the transition into the Breaking Wave Turn.

Having completed our time directly under the coaster,we then gave the brains behind this ride a visit. They have already tested blocks, the lift, and even rolled the train back and forth a bit, so the track completion cannot come soon enough!

Go back from whence you came, demon!

The cabling that they use on The Joker is about an inch thick, and has three different wires on the inside.

An overview of the construction site.

I noticed some of Roar!'s old brakes sitting off to the side.

Heading outside of the construction area, we were shown some previews of the new station.

The supports for the new sign have already been set up.

And then it was time for the train reveal! Watch a full video of the unveiling right here!

All that is left to do now is gawk at the amazing new trains!


The chain dog on the underside of the trains is bigger than you would expect!

One last look at this beautiful coaster's last pop of airtime!

By this time, the first drops of rain were beginning to fall, and it was time to check out the rest of the park!

Thank you for reading my The Joker Construction Tour trip report, and be sure to check back later for more in the universe of theme parks! Thanks!