The Joker Media Day

Today, May 25th, Our Kingdom and I were invited to the media day for The Joker. Thank you so much to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Nancy Chan for inviting us, we had a great time! Apart from some camera issues, we had a great day and had the opportunity to meet many new people. Read the full report here.

Approaching the park from the parking lot,we could see Joker testing with live news crews.

It was cloudy the entire day, but that did not put a damper on our fun.

We were greeted with Superman testing, but the ride never actually opened.

I want this car. Very much so.

Tsunami Soaker has indeed been renamed The Penguin Ride.

The ride has not been completely rethemed yet.

The station ended up looking very good! 

Whenever there is the Joker, you can be sure to find The Penguin(s).

Commemorative lunchboxes were given out with jelly beans and texting gloves.

I believe that this will become the new signature shot for Discovery Kingdom. A short speech was given, and then...

Just like that, it was time to ride! I was on the 11th row on the 2nd train out.

The prelift is very twisty, and gives you little pops of airtime throughout.

Found in the queue line, Discovery Kingdom now has Selfie Sticks banned! Good job SFDK!

The Joker had his own photo op in front of the ride's entrance. I really have to give it to this guy, he stayed in character the whole time and was doing a great job!

Getting some airtime on the first hill in the prelift.

The 2nd train remained on the storage track all day.

The live broadcasting rig on the front of the train is quite impressive, with POV, Rider cam, microphones, and offride all feeding at once.

The zero car for the train is looking amazing as always! 

The gift shop and onride photo area is coming along nicely, and is quite colorful.

Climbing into cloudy skies, the lift hill only lasts about 20 seconds.

The layout really is just a mess of perfectly paced, airtime filled, relentless twisted steel.

The last airtime hill was a great way to end the ride, with sustained ejector the whole way through.

The outward banked turn up into the breaking wave turn was great. It's a surprise element that you overlook, but is very fun. The Breaking Wave turn itself is fun, but taken a little bit slower than I would have thought. The hill off of it gives some great pops of ejector.

The Step-Up Under Flip is a great inversion on an amazing ride. I was worried about the transition into it on the POV, but it is pulled off flawlessly and gives some great hangtime in the back of the train.

V2 is still not operating, with its trains on the floor of the station. I predict that a The Flash retheme might be coming for this ride next year.

Directly next to V2's back spike, the HA HA HA graphics look great!

The entrance to the ride is hard to miss, as there is a giant clown towering over it! 

The trains themselves are very comfortable and let you have some great hangtime and airtime! The graphics on  the side are a nice touch, and the front car is beautiful as always!

The Joker plushies are present at the ladder game near V2's back spike and the Breaking Wave Turn. Personally, I've never understood the appeal of lugging a massive thing around on your back the whole day. 

Found near Zonga's old station. #SFDKGiga2017Confirmed

The Zero-G Stall is amazing, and personally better than Twisted Colossus's. The hangtime you get here is tremendous, and the feeling of the supports above (well, below) your hands is just great. Photo credit to Maverick of Great American Coasters.

The Asian Camelback is a fun element with some great ejector. The front half of the train gets in going into the first hop, and the back half gets it coming off the second hop. This is a great element and really accentuates the focus on airtime in this ride. Photo credit to Maverick of Great American Coasters.

Although hard to see, this hill here gives some great ejector and marks the transition from inversions to airtime!

Although I couldn't get a picture of it, the zero-g roll has tons of hangtime and isn't nearly as whippy as Twisted Colossus's. Overall, this ride is AMAZING. The pacing is nonstop and the airtime is abundant. Unlike some rides (Medusa) The inversions are well spaced and are each unique, and the trains look fantastic. Although the ride is shorter than Colossus it provides better airtime and inversions, and ties it all together with a constant well excecuted Joker theme. This ride places in my top 10, and is definitely California's best coaster. FINAL RATING: 9.5/10

I would like to thank Nancy Chan from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for making this whole event possible, as well as all the staff at Discovery Kingdom for accomodating us and running The Joker.

Watch the Offride POV here:

Watch the Onride POV here:

Watch the Opening Ceremony here:

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