Six Flags Great America Trip Report

I, @rollercoaster_crew recently made a trip up to Chicago to visit Six Flags Great America. For this trip report, I will be doing a different style. I will first say how many times I got on rides, then what I thought about them, and then I'll give my overall thoughts on the park. So here is a list of how many times I got on rides. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a flash pass.


Superman Ultimate Flight  4x   7/10

The Dark Knight Coaster 2x   3/10

Batman The Ride 1x   6/10

King Chaos 1x   5/10

V2 1x    6/10

Goliath 2x   8/10

American Eagle 1x   2/10

Revolution 1x   5/10

X-Flight 2x   7/10

Demon 1x   2/10

Raging Bull 10x   8.5/10

Giant Drop 1x   6/10

Viper 2x   2/10

Whizzer 1x   5/10


Here are the overall categories

Operations 6/10

Food 5/10

Location 8/10

Operating Season 5/10



Overall, Six Flags Great America is an awesome park, and I hope I get to visit again soon.