Intamin Shuttle TURBO TRACK new for Ferarri World in 2017

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has announced TURBO TRACK, a launched Intamin shuttle to be built on their Yas Island property. The ride, which will launch riders using Linear Synchronous Motors to high speeds before shooting them through the roof and up a curved spike rising above the indoor parks distinctive Ferrari red ceiling. More information here
The custom Intamin shuttle will reach speeds of 102 kilometers per hour and reach a height of 62 meters. In the next season, owners Miral Asset Management expect an increase in tourism rates from China and India, with an existing 40% of vistitors being tourists. Mohammed Al Zaabi, owner of Miral Asset Management, said to The National, "We would like to maintain the same growth rate this year. There was a major drop in Dussiam tourists in 2015 but they made a strong comeback last year along with a slight decrease in European tourists, but there was a good growth in Chinese and Indian markets". The group has also announced a new SeaWorld park to be built without orcas on Yas Island, as well as many millions of dollars invested in a floundering tourist industry. The new rollercoaster will join world-class rides like Formula Rossa, the worlds fastest coaster, and Flying Aces, an Intamin winged coaster.

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