ACK--Universal Studios Hollywood Park Update- 3/19/17

I visited Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday, March 19. The crowds were light and I rode two new rollercoasters. The theming and overall feel to the park was stunning. I am so glad I now own a pass. Expect more Universal Studios Hollywood updates from AmusementVerse!

I arrived at Universal about ten minutes prior to park opening. As soon as the gates opened up, my group and I tried to get to Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey as quickly as possible.

The whole Harry Potter area was absolutely amazing. I could not believe the amount of detail and effort that went into this project. The Forbidden Journey was a nice new ride to experience and it went above my expectations. The ride wasn't fast at all but, every turn had me confused because there is absolutely no track visible. The wait time for The Forbidden Journey was approximately twenty minutes.

Next Up on my list was my 47th rollercoaster, Flight of The Hippogriff.  The ride was broken down when I arrived in line. It was nice that the breakdown took about five minutes. Just enough time for everyone in line to get out because they were impatient, and not too much so the queue time wasn't insane. The ride was a fun kid coaster, if I could compare it to anything at my home park I would compare it to Road Runner Express. But, I like Flight of The Hippogriff  more. The picture above is a long exposure using an iPhone 5s and a tripod. 

The Revenge of The Mummy was a great rollercoaster (my personal favorite at USH) the launch came out of nowhere. The special effects were nice and it was overall a great 48th coaster to ride.    :)

Next Up is my favorite water ride! Jurassic Park! I love the theming for the ride and how well the animatronics work. The queue time was only about twenty minutes. My group and I got the front row. We all got sprayed in our faces. The one complaint I have about this ride is the car that fell off the wall no longer falls. It's kind of a bummer. 

Next up was the Studio Tour! Pictured above is the Jaws scene on the backlot tour. I have a lot to say about the tour. Some of the pros were, it was funny, the tour guide provided tons of information, and I got to see some of my favorite movie scenes. The biggest let down of the ride was definitely the Fast & Furious building. It was terrible. The graphics were horrible and it was no where near as amazing as King Kong 360. Overall the Fast & Furious "ride" wasn't great, but the rest of the tour was awesome. 

To conclude my trip report I would like to say that Universal Studios Hollywood is an amazing park, definitely in the top five amusement parks I have been to. The theming is great, the crowds were nice, the staff was polite, I had a great day and recommend the park.

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