RMC Mean Streak- NEW Teaser

Friday, June 2nd, 2017


After much waiting and anticipation, yet another RMC Mean Streak teaser had dropped! At approximately 7:00 pm today via Cedar Point's Twitter, an 18-second video was released, showing drone footage of the rides 2 inversions, while the same western music we saw in the last teaser was playing. As well as the last video, toward the end of the clip, another line of text popped up. This time the text states, "They're wild and unruly”. I believe that could imply a possible bandit theme but it could be open to anything at this point. Another thing to note is this video was released at the end of the Q&A session at Coastermania, Cedar Point's event for enthusiast and members of coaster clubs. It seems the park is being more and more open to this idea, even the ops are allowed to finally talk about the ride which I believe indicates an announcement will soon be upon us. 2018 is looking bright!

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