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Hi! I'm @rollercoasterpics004, the owner of this site. My home park is Six Flags Magic Mountain, but I often visit Knotts Berry Farm. As I maintenance this website regularly, any issues with the site or inquiries would go to me, at Thanks for visiting the site!

American Coaster Kings

Hi! I'm @american_coaster_kings, I am a member of this site. My home park is Six Flags Magic Mountain, but I sometimes visit Disneyland. I post trip reports regularly on this site and I hope you enjoy them! If you have any questions about my Instagram, YouTube, or about reposting one of my photos ask me at 

Sfgam fan 1976

Hello, I'm Sfgam_fan_1976 ever since I was 5 I've loved roller coasters. It all started with my first ride on Demon, ever since then I couldn't get enough. My favorite steel coaster is X-Flight for its theming and intensity. My favorite wooden coaster is American Eagle for its airtime.



Hi! I'm Matthew, and I run Orlando_Coaster_Gram on Instagram. As my name suggests, I live in Orlando, FL. My home parks are the Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resorts. I've lived here since I was  a kid, and especially love fall (HHN!)  and the holidays at the parks. My favorite roller coaster in Orlando is Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, but my absolute favorite is Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point. 


Hey guys!, I am @cedar_flags, and just to be clear, i am not lex luthor! I am one of the members and bloggers on @amusementverse! My 2 home parks are Kennywood and Cedar Point! My 2 favorite coasters are MF and Maverick and my first ever coaster was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and ever since I've ridden it, I have had a passion or roller coasters. Any questions? Go to my instagram!